Quality of Clinical Care

It is important for me to maintain the highest standards of clinical conduct. In particular I audit and reflect on my performance regularly. 



“I would highly recommend Dr. Montgomery as an ENT doctor.  I am so grateful that I found a doctor who is able to diagnose and treat my symptoms. The first time I went to his office, Dr. Montgomery reviewed my health records and did a number of tests. He also recommended other tests such as a hearing and an MRI. Dr. Montgomery called and emailed me to provide updates throughout the process. He always took as much time as was needed. Words that I think sum up this doctor are ethical, sincere, conscientious, compassionate and caring. I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Montgomery in the medical system.”



“I cannot give high enough praise for Mr. Montgomery, he was patient and sympathetic and helped me to understand my condition and the associated symptoms.  I walked into Devonshire Place feeling dizzy, I walked out feeling human again!”   




Complaints, Complications & Missed Diagnoses

None – Audited 2020


Time between the Consultation and the letter to General Practitioner and Patient being sent

2 days – Audited 2020


New to Follow-up Outpatient Appointment Rate

4 out of 5 patients need only 1 appointment to resolve their medical concerns – Audited 2020



Satisfactory 23 January 2020



Satisfactory 21 February 2020






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