About the Nose


The nose consists of 3 parts: –

The “Nasal Cavity

In which air that is breathed in is heated, humidified and cleaned, so that the delicate membranes of the lungs are not injured by dry, dirty, cold air.

The “Olfactory Plate”

At the roof of the nasal cavity which allows aromas and odors to be smelt.

The “Sinuses” 

Which are bony spaces to the side of the nasal cavity and appear to have no useful function!


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Conditions of the Nose


Nose Bleeds.

Nose bleeds are very common in children; they are annoying but rarely serious. The bleed comes from a burst blood vessel at the front part of the nasal septum (the wall of cartilage between the two nostrils) so it can easily be stopped by pinching the front of the nose for 5 minutes. After doing this apply Vaseline into the affected nostril for a few weeks allows the blood vessels to heal.


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