''If you listen carefully to the patient they will tell you the diagnosis''

- Sir William Ostler 1849 - 1919

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Mr Paul Montgomery FRCS

Consultant Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor with a sub-specialty interest in vertigo, dizziness and balance problems.

After graduating from Leeds medical school in 1984 with postgraduate training at Saint Mary’s, Saint Bartholomew’s and the Royal Marsden Hospitals I have been a specialist Ear Nose and Throat Doctor in London since 1997. I specialise in the medical management of Ear, Nose & Throat disorders and offer ENT appointments for patients of all ages from various Central and West London clinics.

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  • “Paul plays an integral part of the HBS (UK) ENT Specialist Team. He has seen patients for us throughout the Covid period and has always delivered thorough and prompt care for our patients. As a consultant working for us, Paul is always approachable and flexible making it easy to arrange appointments with him. From the patient feedback we have received it is clear that he consistently goes above and beyond for each and every patient. Patients clearly feel at ease after a consultation with him, in the knowledge that they have been fully listened to and that their care is being managed in the most appropriate manner for them. Of all the feedback we have received for Paul, each of the patients have given him a score of 5 out of 5. We have always received positive comments from them with many patients specifically mentioning Paul when they are contacted as part of the follow-up care with our service. We can’t thank Paul enough for the care he has provided during the Covid period and look forward to continue working with him.”

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  • Patient Phone Consultations "Works perfectly, really efficient and he was really good" - Anon (2020)


  • Patient Phone Consultation Satisfaction Survey: “five star rating” - HBSUK ( 2020)    


  • I was referred to Mr Montgomery by my GP after episodes of vertigo he made himself available to see me the same afternoon outside of normal business hours. His examination was extremely thorough and his explanations clear. He referred me to a neurologist for further tests who confirmed that his diagnosis was astute. Mr Montgomery's follow up showed his concern and I would not hesitate to recommend him ... he is truly THE expert on dizziness.



  • Harley Street Ear Nose and Throat Doctor
  • Harley Street Ear Nose and Throat Doctor

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